We believe that Guidewire Insurance Suite is one of the best core systems for insurance industries.
We believe that Guidewire Insrance Suite is one of the best core system for insurance industries.

We have been involved in the development of the Japanese insurance system for many years, therefore we have experience and knowledge of system construction for Japanese insurance companies.
From 2014 we have been involved in the implementation of Guidewire Insurance Suite in Japan.
While in that process, we have noticed that there are some gaps between Japanese insurance business culture and the other country's one and noticed that we could be the bridge between them.
From that moment to till now we have been and will be focusing on being a bridge between Guidewire Insurance Suite and Japanese Insurance Company.
We are the expert of Guidewire Insurance Suite implementation along with understanding of Japanese Insurance Business Culture.

What we offer

We believe that Guidewire Insurance Suite is one of the best core systems for insurance industries.
However even the best solution cannot be the best without knowing how to apply it.
We are here to help our customers to achieve their business goal with our experiences and knowledge about successful implementations of Guidewire Insurance Suite.

Our Services

Along with all phases of Guidewire implementation we can offer optimal consultants, analysts and engineers.

For all phases

  • ・Project manager with the experience of both agile and waterfall development.
  • ・Consultant with the knowledge of Japanese Insurance business custom
  • ・Quality assurance for delivering high-quality implementation

For pre-inception,
inception phase

  • ・Experienced consultants and business analysts for supporting customers making business decisions.

For configuration phase

  • ・Well-trained engineer with Guidewire Certification

For stabilization phase

  • ・Optimized Testing automation solution for Japanese Insurance Company, with testing experts.

For maintenance phase

  • ・Major version upgrade for Guidewire Insurance Suite.
  • ・Performance Improvement


  • ・Accelerator and plug-in for Guidewire Insurance Suite in Japan.

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